Join Us and Become a First Defender Committed to Keeping People Safe, Saving Lives, and Rebuilding Our Economy.

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Our Mission Is To Help Curb Covid Save Lives & Rebuild our Economy.

COVID-19 is a vicious and relentless virus that has wreaked havoc upon our lives and businesses. But we can fight back, and if history is any guide, together, I believe  we can slow the spread.

CovidCurb provides your company with a comprehensive 9-point program that includes the technology as well as the care management, certifications, and compliance services you need to improve the safety of your workplace and restore the confidence of your employees and customers.


On March 12th, 2020, I realized the world would not be the same as Disney World announced it would be closed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. I live in Orlando, so this was shocking to me; one of the most popular tourist destinations in America would be closed due to an unknown, unpredictable virus.

CovidCurb's Biometric Thermal Thermometers uses Facial Recognition To Provide Access and Take Temperature of Employees and Customers

I watched as several programs and initiatives launched to help businesses open safely. You had numerous guidelines from the CDC, State, and local governments to follow. New vendors were selling tools that only addressed one part of the problem; however, we need tools that address the problem as a whole.

The roadmap to opening safely and protecting corporate value was complexing and confusing. The realization hit me that all businesses would now be responsible more than ever before for employee and customer safety. Still, many would fail at this task due to the complexity of ensuring that their employees and customers follow all the safety guidelines

Samuel Salter


CEO// Sr. Salesforce solution architect

Samuel  Salter

I decided to develop a Covid-19 Safety model and build a technology platform to help companies and institutions protect customers and employees, restore revenue, and protect corporate value.

I bring over 35 years of experience in Software Architecture, Software Development, Project Management, and Business Management.

I worked on some pretty big projects, for instance, I was contracted in 2017 to design systems to help Boeing grow its new BGS business to $18 billion within two years.

It is imperative that businesses and institutions can operate safely again.

37 yrs+ Business Experience

Sam Receiving Young Entrepreneur Award From Small Business Administration and President Ronald Reagan​ in 1983

Experienced Senior Salesforce Solution Architect

Sam has designed systems for multi-billion dollars companies such as Boeing, Sun Power, HID and Kaiser Permanente

Experienced CEO Coach & Management Consultant

For over 20 years Sam has been advising CEOs and other Senior Executives on Digital Transformation and Business Strategy